dimanche 23 décembre 2018

The brie(f) history of cheese - TED Education


Here is my latest work for Ted-Ed, based on a lesson from Paul Kindstedt
And a few screenshots and colorscript :)

jeudi 16 août 2018

Marathon animé, Festival d'un jour

In april, I went back to Valence to be part of the "Marathon animé", organized by l'Equipée at the Cartoucherie.

Here is the compilation of the 8 movies we made in a week, mine starts at 1 minute and 44 seconds.

The project is simple: every year, a group of animators creates several films based on a theme, a sound, a music...
This year, we went to Le Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval and had to make a movie using a song by a band named Les Facteurs Chevaux. This construction is categorized as an "art brut/outsider art" place : it was built by a mailman in the beginning of the century, who collects stones one by one on his way to work his whole life long.

Everything was animated on an Ipad Pro, using an application called Animate, and I tried to recreate a "sand animation" effect, using an aerograph. Each frame took ages to draw, that's why I mostly used cross fade effects between each image :D

Les Cahiers d'Esther, histoires de mes 10 ans

Another production I worked on at Folimage in 2017. I worked as head of background, following work, splitting the workflow to the team (Leslie Berland and Benjamin Labruyère), and also did almost 17 episodes' backgrounds of the season.
We worked on Toonboom Harmony for this production, even for backgrounds, which helps us to work faster (importing the scenes for Storyboard Pro, directly setting the cameras on background, reuse everything easily, and delivers the scenes to the animation team faster).

The TV series was directed by Mathias Varin and Riad Sattouf, and has officially been announced for TV on Canal+, every evening at 8:55 pm, starting the 3rd of september :)

Ariol Saison 2

A few images of my work at Folimage as a head of background on Ariol season 2, creating references for storyboarders and final images for the background artists, under the supervision of François-Marc Baillet (head of background team), directed by Hélène Friren.

Basically when I learned to make maps for quite everything (children in the class, playgrounds, outdoors places, where does the children play on the beach...) and how to properly arrange your Photoshop file :D

The Annecy trailer for financial partners !! (just made the colorscript and helped a bit on backgrounds, and had the chance to see it in big screen )

jeudi 24 mars 2016

The poet who painted with his words - Guillaume Apollinaire, the picture poet

Last december, I got an email from Biljana Labovic to work with her on a TED-Ed animated video, and here we are now: the video is online, the experience was great, and now I just feel like sleeping ;)
I hope you'll like it! It was quite new for me to work on educational videos, I hope I will have the chance to do more!

Many credit for this film:
Direction: Biljana Labovic
Writer/Educator: Geneviève Emy
Voice off: Charles Philippe Bowles
Animation assistant (all the letters animation) : Anaïs Scheeck
Script Editor : Amy Adkins
Composer: Stephen LaRosa

Here are calligrammes from Guillaume Apollinaire, pictures of him that fed my work, and screenshots of the film :)

Guillaume Apollinaire, my Ted-Ed lesson, part 2, digging deeper

Character design and color research :) (and I'm sure you will be very happy to read my notes)
The final video is quite close to these images, I just removed some colors and made it closer to this reference image Biljana and Genviève shared with me

(a collage from Picasso)