jeudi 24 mars 2016

The poet who painted with his words - Guillaume Apollinaire, the picture poet

Last december, I got an email from Biljana Labovic to work with her on a TED-Ed animated video, and here we are now: the video is online, the experience was great, and now I just feel like sleeping ;)
I hope you'll like it! It was quite new for me to work on educational videos, I hope I will have the chance to do more!

Many credit for this film:
Direction: Biljana Labovic
Writer/Educator: Geneviève Emy
Voice off: Charles Philippe Bowles
Animation assistant (all the letters animation) : Anaïs Scheeck
Script Editor : Amy Adkins
Composer: Stephen LaRosa

Here are calligrammes from Guillaume Apollinaire, pictures of him that fed my work, and screenshots of the film :)

Guillaume Apollinaire, my Ted-Ed lesson, part 2, digging deeper

Character design and color research :) (and I'm sure you will be very happy to read my notes)
The final video is quite close to these images, I just removed some colors and made it closer to this reference image Biljana and Genviève shared with me

(a collage from Picasso)

Guillaume Apollinaire, my Ted-Ed lesson Part 3

And here are very early concepts, looking for colors, textures, and design :)
See the full video here