lundi 21 septembre 2015


Hi everyone! I am not very sure who is still following this blog, according to the fact that I am not posting that much posts anymore... Anyway, I have been very busy at work, and not always able to share what I've worked on, but here are some news:

I have finally uploaded my website,, that you can visit and share around you (I am unemployed...). You will find extra informations on my shorts, and Facebook links to follow their activities!

My movie "Dans un petit bateau", for the collection "En sortant de l'école", is travelling around in festivals! He has been selected/presented in
- shorTS 2015, Trieste animation festival (Italy), Sweet4Kids section
- Anima Mundi 2015 (Brazil), International Panorama
- Chicago International Children’s Film Festival
The whole collection is going to be screened everywhere in France, starting on the 30th of September :) I am officially in theaters, and I have IMDB and Allocine profiles. THIS IS IT
For the french people, retrouvez les infos et horaires ici:

Then I moved two months to Berlin, where I had the chance to work on a double TV special at magic Light Pictures. It is called "Revolting Rhymes", it's based Roald Dahl’s novels, and directed by the great Jan Lachauer and great Jakob Schuh!
It will be released on BBC for Christmas 2016 /o/

After that, (really one day later), I directed a teaser for the TV series I am developping with Reza Rihai, Me and my dead buddy. We were selected for the Cartoon Forum 2015 in Toulouse, and we pitched our projects to broadcasters, channels and producers. We are produced by Les Armateurs, and now waiting for the project to get bigger.
Take a look here : (the images are a bit old, sorry)

Now, the pitch for our TV series is done, I am still sending my graduation movie "Escale" to festival (it already went to Portugal, Bulgary, Morocco and few places in France), and looking for new projects. I am also in the very beginning of production for a short movie with Laïdak films, I am very excited about this project.
I am also moving back to Valence, let's see what will happen next!

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