mercredi 16 juillet 2014


I'm glad to annouce that my (second) graduation movie is finished terminé finito!
Its name is Escale (I think can be translated as Stopover or Halt in English). I'm not allowed to share the movie online, but I'll work on a teaser version in August/September, and here are some screenshots of the movie... Everything is traditional, made with china ink and paint on celluloid (now I understand why they are not used anymore, it's been a nightmare....), and painted backgrounds with ink.

It's maybe a bit mysterious, but if the movie is good enough, you may have the chance to see it in festivals! (crossed fingers)
I really want to thank the people who helped me during the process: Nathalie Reznikoff and Jean-Charles Finck, my mentors, Sarah Taradach and Françoise Bertin, the great actresses, Fabrice Faltraue for the sound design, Vincent Hazard for the voices recording, Caz Murrell, Lucrèce Andreae, Antoine Delebarre for everything, Marjolaine Perreten, Alix Fizet, Sami Guellaï, and Fabienne, Aude and Kun who were so kind with me during the last rush.


And for fresh news, I will join the "En sortant de l'école" team in August, produced by Tant Mieux Prod, to work on an adaptation of the poem "Dans un petit bateau" (Robert Desnos). I'll have the chance to work as a director on my own short film with 12 others talented graduated students! Can't wait to start and see what we'll create!

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Marion Roussel a dit…

Beauté! j'ai hâte de le voir!!

L Rossi a dit…

These images look great! Congrats for finishing le film et j'ai hâte de le voir!!