lundi 23 décembre 2013


Since october, I have been working on three different animation projects, here is the first one!

Perpétuel, a short movie created at school during a workshop with Federico Vitali.
One week, 20 seconds, with the following theme: le mode d'emploi (a "how to use" guide)
I'm quite far from the theme...

Perpétuel from CamboCha on Vimeo.

One day, I woke up here.
I've told one thing: the exit is at the end of the way.
I've also been told that you would need a certain amount of time to find it, but that it was the only way to go back home.
I don't remember how long I've been here.
The exit is at the end of the way.
The exit is at the end of the way...

(toute aide pour la traduction est la bienvenue!)

I also finished my participation for the CanalJ contest "Les espoirs de l'animation", my short movie will be released on Tiji (the preschool channel) and Internet in June.
And still working on my short film till July...

2 commentaires:

L Rossi a dit…

Wow you have been busy ;P
Love the feel of this.
(certain 'amount' of time ;) )

Charlotte Cambon a dit…

not that much, I just kept everything secret! it's starting to be worst with the graduation movie...