samedi 28 septembre 2013

Kilkenny 11-14AVRIL2013

Last easter holidays, I went to Kilkenny, Ireland, to see Marion, Vincent and Alice who were working at Cartoon Saloon.
I only stayed for two days, and two days of travel to go and come back from Kilkenny (sort distance, but long way to go)
I didn't have time to sketch the "sheeps in the myst" and the adventurous way in car we had, but, here is a brief view of these two days in Ireland!


3 commentaires:

L Rossi a dit…

Tarloche(!) :D
J'ai fini le carnet d'Irlande, mais je crois que ça va prendre du temps pour lire les nouveaux! :3
Bisous de Paris

Marion Roussel a dit…

trop trop chouette ce petit carnet d'Irlande, bon souvenirs : )

Marion Roussel a dit…

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah tiens prends ça! A chaque fois je me fais avoir !